2011 Orlando Food Truck Bazaar

Tonight was the 2011 (and the first) Orlando Food Truck Bazaar, put on by Mark Baratelli of The Daily City blog, who also organizes the Taco Truck Taste Tests. The event was scheduled from 7pm to 10pm.

I got there right around 7, and was lucky to wait less than 10 minutes for a $5 lobster roll (with cole slaw and potato chips) from the Shipyard Brewery truck. As I ate my food, the crowds increased exponentially.

I’m sure there will be a recap at The Daily City, but it definitely seemed to be a success. I look forward to next year’s event, hopefully in a bigger parking lot with a lot more trucks!

Here’s a few pictures I took just to document it. Nothing fancy. You can see the crowds pick up as the photos progress…


2 responses to “2011 Orlando Food Truck Bazaar

  1. I heard about this from several people tonight! Too bad I missed it. 😦

  2. That looks fun!

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