Monthly Archives: November 2006

a poem for your reading pleasure

I heard a song insistent
Imprinted on my soul
The melody incessant
But not altogether whole.
I heard a song of beauty
But the words I haven’t learned
But I’m making it my duty
To have the words discerned
The melody is enchanting
It captivates me still
Other thoughts it is supplanting
As my mind it tries to fill
I’ll learn the words and tune
Then the harmony, I shall find
And sing along, commune,
Our voices thus entwined.


Happy Birthday to and .

Last night I went to Crash-A-Rama out in Bithlo.

So, I got to the house we were meeting at and started the evening playing drinking games in their front yard.

Then we drove out to the speedway, and played more drinking games while tailgating.

Then we smuggled booze through the gates and started watching the races. Started out with the shriners and their midget cars. And then the Over 70 motorcycle race.

And then a 100 lap race.

So that race was crazy…all kinds of cars….rubbing is racing. We were on turn 2. And all the rubber, oil and other various debris whipped right into us. By the end of the night I was covered in black soot and crap. I’ve taken 2 showers since, and I’m still getting crap out of my pores. And I’m sure it will be in my ears for days.

So after that race, there were figure 8 school bus races and some other stuff.

Honestly, the school bus races were the last things I really remember. I totally drank too much. I’m sure I acted the fool. I found a text message on my 2-way pager that was left unsent…I’m SOOOO glad it was left unsent, too. I only remember drunk dialing one person, and that was early. I think I should check my phone….


I guess the problem was (other than the half bottle of SoCo I drank (without mixers) and the vodka/sprite and the beer) that the people I with, while they are friends, are nominal friends. I work with one of them, used to work with a couple other, and then others I didn’t know at all. So there was no one really there who had my back and able to keep me in check. And they’re all like 25 and under…and I’m…older than that.

So, I should know better, but I hang out with those people and I just want to be young and have no responsibilities, and so I just do stupid things. I need to not hang out with those people in these types of situations. Last time was someone’s birthday party…same drunken results.

I need more grown-up friends.