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DIY Cardboardasaurus! RAWR!

Many of you know me from Twitter and/or Facebook and you have seen my profile image:

Original Cardboardasaurus

Documentation of the creation of this cardboardasaurus can be found here:

Since Halloween is coming up, and this one is getting a little ratty, I thought I’d make a new cardboardasaurus and show you how! It’s pretty simple to do, and uses things that you probably have lying around your house… boxes, tape, scissors, paint… And the results turn out pretty well. Continue reading


Let me start this by saying I know very little about purses.

But I have an idea. I was talking to @jesseco on Twitter – she’d ordered a purse on Amazon and said she’d be happier if it got there early. So I said, “I imagine Amazon would make you even happier if the purse came pre-stuffed with money.”

So I got to thinking that this could be a good idea…

What if, when you bought a purse, it came pre-stuffed with money! That’d be the greatest thing ever… You’re buying a purse anyway, right? But this one has money in it!

And then, what if money came in this purse AND the same amount of money also went to a charity?

Here’s what I was thinking:

Let’s say a purse costs $50. But this purse could have up to $25 inside it. And if there’s $25 inside, then $25 would go to a charity. Maybe there’s only $5 inside… then $5 would go to the charity.

Of course, there’d be a bigger chance that there’d be $5 inside than $25. But then it’s almost like a game… how much money will be inside the purse? You have to buy to find out!

Maybe every once in a while, the whole amount of the purse is inside, and $50 more goes to charity, or as a promotion, one purse has $1000 inside, and $1000 goes to the charity!

The purses would have to be valuable on their own – fashionable, utilitarian, etc. Maybe famous designers would want to get in on it. The money and the charity donation is a bonus – you want the purse even without that…

It could expand to wallets, too. Don’t want to leave the men out!

I think the money should be in a gift card – maybe one of those Visa gift cards that can be used anywhere. Or if retail sponsors came on board, the gift card could be for the store where you bought the purse.

I think it’s a win for the consumer, a win for the business, and a win for the charity that gets the money.

What do you think?