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Indiana Jones and the Mass Genocide of Indigenous Peoples

The more I think about the end of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the more it bothers me. At the end, they find the lost city (slightly underwhelming), Indy and gang are attacked by a mass of indigenous people – lost tribe of the Incas, even though they keep saying everything is Mayan… (Mayans were in Mexico and Central America, Incans were in Peru and the Amazon, right?).

So they use the crystal skull to not get dead by the people, and then the Russians come right behind and kill them all. They totally gloss over the Russians killing everyone with a couple of close-ups.

I think this is done, because then a huge OMGWTFspaceship destroys the lost city, and would have killed all the people, so instead of dealing with that, they just said “the evil Russians did it already.”

Better ways to avoid genocide – let the aliens save them somehow – put them on the spaceship or something…

Or how about you just show some people escaping?

Or better, shorten the horribly long jungle chase scene and tarzan swinging monkeyboy Shia scene, and add a scene where Indy has escaped the Russians, only to get captured by the indigenous people when he gets to the city. Indy and gang then negotiate their escape, let the people know the Russians are coming! and then at the end when Indy and gang are standing on the cliff overlooking the destruction of the city, the indigenous chief is surrounded by people on another cliff, and salutes Indy before they disappear into the jungle.

Did this bother anyone else?