Monthly Archives: September 2006

That Touch of Mink

I just pleasantly rediscovered “That Touch of Mink” thanks to Turner Classic Movies. I haven’t seen it in forever, and I had forgotten that this movie had this title. I love the scenes with the Automat. And Cary Grant is so funny. And it’s good that Doris Day is the pure one to play off his not so pure character, similar to the ping ponging in The Bachelor and the BobbySoxer.

Looking into the movie and into automats also helped me discover that one just opened this summer in NYC: 🙂

The kindness of strangers

So this morning, I went to the McDonald’s drive thru and got the healthy breakfast of a bacon egg and cheese mcgriddle, hashbrown and diet coke. I pulled my wallet out of my pocket, paid for it, and left my wallet on the seat of my car, where I promptly forgot about it.

So now it’s lunch time. I walk to the cafeteria at the Stuios and buy grouper with pineapple salsa, roasted red potatoes and a drink. And I get a bag of Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Chunk cookies to share with a friend because she is having a bad day.

So I get to the cashier and go to get my wallet (which by now you loyal readers know is still in my car). I get embarrassed and such, and then the lady behind me says that she will pay for it. And I get all flustered and sputter, and say well, let me put the cookies back – I don’t need them… and she says no, don’t worry about it. So I sputter thank you and leave.

I feel like a putz for 1) forgetting my wallet, and 2) not finding out who the lady was so I can repay her.

*head desk*