Monthly Archives: November 2007


So, I know a lot of you are northerners, but here in Florida, we have been IKEA deprived for a long time. Last week, however, a new Ikea opened about 15 minutes from my house. I have been 3 times in 3 days (twice today). I bought a new queen sized platform bed and foam mattress which I am lying on now. I loves it. I had to go twice today because one of the pieces of the bed was drilled wrong, so I took the piece back and they opened up another box and traded it out for me.

I also got Alexander 2 Christmas presents. One is an easel that has a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other, and can hold a spool of paper. The other is an inflatable pillow chair thing that looks like a hedgehog.

Also got a two pack of fun blue power strips. And a closet organizer fabric thingy.

I did go to Target for new bed sheets (green jersey knit).

Yay for shopping!

Magic Kingdom today

Alexander and I went to the Magic Kingdom today. There’s a new show called Cinderella’s Holiday Wish, and they hung the castle with fairy lights that they light during the show. It’s pretty.

Also, while we were there, I saw this and had to document this. So, so wrong.

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