Shhhh! A review.

Shhhh! is the title of the newest play by the PB&J Theatre Factory. Success begins for this play with the name. My son and I had lots of fun with the who’s-on-first-type dialogue that comes with the name.

“Dad, what play are we going to see?”
“Okay. I’ll be quiet, but I really want to know the name.”

I heard a girl in the audience do something similar with her dad, so I’m pretty sure it was good and funny, and not just that Alexander and I are weird.

The PB&J Theatre Factory is local to Orlando, and they put on shows that are full of physical comedy with out spoken dialogue. There are tons of sight gags, sound effects and props that tell the story, and make us all laugh. And when I say laugh, I mean people are rolling in the aisles.

Shhhh! is their fifth play, following Sport, Snack, Sleigh, and Splash. They also have a mini-production for schools called Shade. Alexander and I had seen Snack and Splash before, so we knew what to expect, and Shhhh! met, if not exceeded, all our expectactions.

Shhhh! is a comedic mystery, and probably has the most straightforward plot. You’ve seen this story before – two thieves assume false identities while hiding from the cops – but you’ve never seen it done as hilariously. The actors are extremely talented at the miming and clowning skills needed to tell the story, and the jokes. The set for this show is the most elaborate they’ve done, and the Garden Theatre is a great venue for the show. It was our first time at that theater, and we’ll definitely go back there for other shows in the future.

It’s good and fun for all ages! Definitely try to check this out while it’s playing. It’s at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, Florida, through February 27th, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm.

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