The kindness of strangers

So this morning, I went to the McDonald’s drive thru and got the healthy breakfast of a bacon egg and cheese mcgriddle, hashbrown and diet coke. I pulled my wallet out of my pocket, paid for it, and left my wallet on the seat of my car, where I promptly forgot about it.

So now it’s lunch time. I walk to the cafeteria at the Stuios and buy grouper with pineapple salsa, roasted red potatoes and a drink. And I get a bag of Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Chunk cookies to share with a friend because she is having a bad day.

So I get to the cashier and go to get my wallet (which by now you loyal readers know is still in my car). I get embarrassed and such, and then the lady behind me says that she will pay for it. And I get all flustered and sputter, and say well, let me put the cookies back – I don’t need them… and she says no, don’t worry about it. So I sputter thank you and leave.

I feel like a putz for 1) forgetting my wallet, and 2) not finding out who the lady was so I can repay her.

*head desk*

7 responses to “The kindness of strangers

  1. That would only happen in Disney. It just wouldn’t happen in the world I work in.

  2. Pay it forward Matt!!
    Pay it forward!!

  3. that is SO nice…those embarassing situations are sooooooooo sucky – nice that you didn’t have to go without food, let alone she still got ya the cookies! 😀

  4. Random acts of kindness, those are the best.
    And yeah, pay it forward =) *hugs*

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