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Poetry: Stars Fall

I’ve had this poem written for years, and thought I’d posted it online, but I can’t find it anywhere, so here it is for you, dear readers, and Google searchers.

Stars Fall
by Matt Hoskins

Stars fall, far flung from highest heaven’s light;
Fated flight for all those below to see,
If above the rut’s edge they raise their sight,
And seek, incessantly, perchance to dream.
Stars fall, trailing feathers of phoenix fire;
Pathfinder’s trail for those who want to be
Offered upon the Promethean pyre,
Burn the emotion and suppress the scream.
Stars fall to fertile but still fallow fields,
Seeding the soil with starlight and heat,
Pregnant with promises of future yields,
Nourished, and nurtured; care given replete.
Stars fall, as angels do, with wingless grace
And falling, trace their fire upon us all
In brief moment passing, they fill the space
That is left hollow when we ourselves fall.
Stars fall with hope they will one day return
To brighten the dark skies and guide the lost
Wandering like Kwai Chang Caine, and burn
Down the bridges they have already crossed.
Stars fall, infrequently. Follow and find
Them as fast as you can. Hold on to them
Through the pain. The passion, return in kind.
The heat and pressure of it form the gem.
Stars fall when they hear the earth to them call
Inspiration to those under sky’s blue cowl
Counterpoint to knowledge they can’t know all
And comforting to know that


Writing Blog: July 28, 2008

The first of the prose lessons is to write a story about a substitute teacher from a first person perspective.

Maybe I was still asleep and dreaming and the reality of the ringing phone was bleeding into my brain. I answered it instinctually, without thought. If I had full control over my actions, I never would have answered it without checking the caller ID. As a sub, all our job calls come through the automated messaging service, calling in an esoteric order the catalogue of subs until someone replies with the Star-1-PIN to accept the job. The service is always the same number on the caller ID and is usually the only number that ever calls me so early in the morning. I never would have answered it if I had seen the number on the caller ID, and the simple name “Frayser School.” I expected the sweet recorded voice of the automated system, but the voice on the other end was all too human.
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