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Taco Truck Taste Test

Mark Baratelli of the blog TheDailyCity.com organizes Taco Truck Taste Tests, opportunities to explore the street food culture we have here in Orlando. Tonight was TTTT #5, and the first one I’ve participated in. Mark is also organizing the Orlando Improv Festival in September. Be sure to check that out at http://www.orlandoimprovfestival.com/.

We met at the parking lot of Tacos Del Rio (9785 South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32837), where there’s a string of taco trucks, each with a slightly different menu. Our taco truck expert Jorge Mendoza was on hand to describe the food and the culture and offer up some suggestions. Tacos Del Rio itself is a nice little storefront Mexican restaurant with a big menu, and I’ll be returning there to give it a try. I grew up in Southern California where good Mexican food is available everywhere. Orlando is not as blessed, so it’s good to find authentic Mexican food nearby!

Truck Number 1

There was a pretty good turnout for the event. The locals were a little put off by our crowd, I think, but everyone was nice.

Jorge was a great guide to the trucks and the types of food they had! Thanks, Jorge!

Alexander and I both had arepas con queso, a white corn meal sandwich filled with cheese, because I'm temporarily vegetarian and Alexander isn't too adventurous.

Alexander didn't really like his arepa, and I must admit, it was different than I've had before. I'm used to an arepa that is a pressed with the cheese more melted. And with just cheese, this just lacked flavor.

Jorge explains the menu at one of the other trucks. I'm excited to go back, now that I know what to expect.