Disney’s Animal Kingdom Photo Safari Scavenger Hunt

Some of you may have seen previous blogs of photo scavenger hunts I put together for my son at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Both of those were based off this one that I put together for coworkers for a team builder at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I removed 4 items that were specific to our team. Feel free to substitute your own to get it up to 100. This same list was used at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, pretty successfully as well.

Welcome to the DAK Photo Safari. In this safari, you will be documenting your experience with photographs of possibly difficult things to find around the park. It will require a great attention to detail. If possible, try to capture at least one member of your safari group in each picture. None of these photos will require you to ride a ride. To be successful, some subjects may require a little creativity, but don’t bring anything from the list into the park with you.


  1. Dragon
  2. Henson characters
  3. An animal in a habitat where it doesn’t belong
  4. Someone in mid-jump in front of the entry to a new land
  5. Lions
  6. Tigers
  7. Bears
  8. Three boats
  9. A car built before 1970.
  10. A Coca Cola sign in another language.
  11. A brass drinking fountain
  12. A celebration button
  13. A Mickey Mouse balloon
  14. A Cast Member performing a magic moment, take 5 or going above and beyond.
  15. An Airstream trailer
  16. A castle
  17. A crate
  18. A barrel
  19. A hero
  20. A bell larger than your head
  21. A footprint larger than your head
  22. A golden trowel
  23. A waterfall
  24. A Christmas greeting from a previous decade
  25. A payphone
  26. An attraction queue with two stories
  27. A frying pan
  28. Lost and Found
  29. A child too large to be in a stroller, in a stroller
  30. A moose
  31. A squirrel
  32. Huey/Duey/Louie
  33. A basketball hoop
  34. A jukebox
  35. Lychee
  36. Cupcakes
  37. Something healthy
  38. An airplane
  39. A hotel
  40. Something Hawaiian
  41. A quarter in a fountain
  42. Food that can’t be bought in the park
  43. Something from Florida in California / Something from California in Florida
  44. Non-American currency
  45. Mosaic tiles
  46. Turnstiles
  47. Ropes holding something up
  48. Ropes holding something down
  49. A stroller parking sign
  50. A sign that prohibits something
  51. Two trashcans that look different in the same photo
  52. Something in a merchandise shop that costs less than a dollar
  53. Something in a merchandise shop that costs more than $500
  54. Something labeled “Limited Edition.”
  55. Guests studying a map
  56. A typographical error
  57. An upside-down tree
  58. A flag from another country
  59. A fireplace
  60. A wait time posting more than 30 minutes
  61. A clock mounted to a wall
  62. A member of the team using a drum
  63. Flowers in bloom
  64. An island
  65. Something Olympic
  66. Ants
  67. A fish
  68. Bats
  69. Snow, not on a mountain
  70. A pirate
  71. A princess
  72. A pineapple
  73. A sponge
  74. A starfish
  75. A Guest wearing socks with sandals
  76. A hidden Mickey
  77. A Guest wearing neon colors
  78. A Guest doing something they should not be doing
  79. A Guest who looks like a celebrity
  80. A Cast Member doing something they should not be doing
  81. Spilled popcorn
  82. A Mickey Mouse sticker
  83. Someone wearing a rain poncho
  84. A working fountain
  85. A bird bath
  86. A bird eating people food
  87. One of the seven dwarfs
  88. A family photo
  89. Something hiding
  90. Something camouflaged
  91. Something with 8 legs
  92. The king
  93. A net holding something
  94. “Thank you” in another language.
  95. Something from Australia
  96. A character that cannot sign his/her name with a pen

Book Review: Slow Apocalypse

I’ve read most of the novels John Varley has written, so when I saw Slow Apocalypse, I wanted to read it. If you’re a fan of Varley, this may not be the book for you. It is very unlike his other books at a macro level, though there are some familiar threads (Red Lightning deals with the after effects of a disaster).

When I read the synopsis on Amazon, it seemed to be the setup for a Tom Clancy like thrilled. This is not a book like that. It is much more similar to a disaster story, like you might see in a movie, but as the title implies, the story unfolds much more slowly. I think the book takes a very literal and methodical approach to describing what would happen in the hours, days, and months after devastating catastrophes.

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General Petraeus: An #InappropriateElf

This is the story for my submission for the Baby Rabies Inappropriate Elf 2012 Contest. Voting starts on December 7th! I’m #27. If you enjoy this, please vote!!

Twas the month before Christmas, we welcomed to our house

An elf named Petraeus who was quite a louse.

He fell for his biographer, while she was making her edits

And then this general was betrayed by his privates.


Now we know why she called the book “Elf In.”

They had an affair, an illicit liaison

But now we know why she called the book “Elf In.”

He lost his CIA job and was out on his own

Until Santa found him and threw him a bone.

Santa took pity on Petraeus and brought him forth

To lead his elfen spies based far to the north. Continue reading

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago, I posted a Magic Kingdom Photo Scavenger Hunt that I did with my son. This weekend, we wanted to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, so I put together another scavenger hunt for him for the rest of the day.

The rules remained pretty much the same as last time:

Welcome to Alexander’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Scavenger Hunt. In this scavenger hunt, you will be documenting your experience with photographs of possibly difficult things to find around the park. If possible, try to capture at least one member of your group in each picture. None of these photos will require you to ride a ride, though you may find some of the objectives in a ride. To be successful, some subjects may require a little creativity, but don’t bring anything from the list into the park with you.

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Gravity Falls Costumes

My son and I had the opportunity to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago. I got the tickets last minute, so I had four hours to throw together costumes for the party. My son and I had previously talked about Gravity Falls characters, and knowing that the Wreck It Ralph costumes would be outside our reach in the limited time I had, I was able to make my son into a pretty good Dipper Pines, and myself into a passable Grunkle Stan.

While we were at Not So Scary, we saw a few other people dressed as Dipper and his sister Mabel, but I didn’t see another Grunkle Stan that night.

Overall, I think they turned out pretty good for the time/resources I had.

For my son’s Dipper costume, I found the vest jacket at Ross in the kid’s section for about $10. The hat is a plain white hat I found at Michael’s for $2.99. (One of the Mabels we saw made her brother’s Dipper costume and said she found a plain white trucker hat at Walmart.) The red t-shirt was $4 at Target, and the grey shorts were $12 at Target (but those can be worn all the time, so it was a good buy). The book is a faux leather journal that I glued the 3 hand to.

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Movie Review: Wreck It Ralph

Yesterday, the fine folks at The Disney Parks Blog organized a Family Game Day Meet-Up at DisneyQuest with a preview screening of Wreck It Ralph. I was fortunate enough to be invited along with a friend from Twitter and her husband.

If you’re unfamiliar with DisneyQuest, it’s 5 floors and 100,000 square feet of video games and interactive attractions, like CyberSpace Mountain, where you can design a rollercoaster, and then ride it in a simulator with 360 degrees of movement (coaster with 13 loops FTW!).

For the upcoming release of Wreck It Ralph, they’ve added 7 arcade cabinets of Fix It Felix, Jr., the game from where Ralph comes. There was a long line to play these games, and while there’s a cluster of six on the 3rd floor, there’s a “hidden” one on the 4th floor, among the kiddie games.

I’m sure I could talk about the Lego building area that was set up that my son loved, or the Wreck It Ralph cupcakes that they had available, or the cool swag we got in the form of hero medals, or the contests that they had for playing the games.

But we all know you just want a review of Wreck It Ralph. Is it worth seeing? Is it worth seeing on the opening weekend?

Yes and yes!

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New Fantasyland: Dress Rehearsal

My son and I got to see parts of the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom as they are doing their dress rehearsal. This is their soft opening while they test and adjust the attractions, food and merchandise. Almost everything was up and running except the Be Our Guest restaurant, though they let us walk in to see how it looks. This new area of the Magic Kingdom opens officially December 6th.

We had Le Fou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern, which is apple juice slush with Monin Toasted Marshmallow syrup and topped with a passion fruit foam,  and a pork shank, which will probably be as popular as the ubiquitous turkey leg. It’s a pretty hearty meal, and well fit for Gaston’s.

The Enchanting Tales with Belle experience is what every character meet and greet should be. Ariel’s Grotto was done well so that there is plenty of individual time with everyone’s favorite mermaid. The Under the Sea ride is solid, with good audio animatronics, but the queue is awesome.

The attention to detail in the whole land is wonderful, with surprises to see everywhere you look. Along with the already-open Storybook Circus, the new additions to the Magic Kingdom really make you wish every part of the parks were as detailed and lush. The adjacent Tomorrowland could use a tender loving makeover with a fine bristled brush.

Here’s a slideshow of our New Fantasyland experience. The pictures are on Facebook, too, with captions. And, a few were posted on the very awesome Disney Food Blog.

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