Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago, I posted a Magic Kingdom Photo Scavenger Hunt that I did with my son. This weekend, we wanted to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, so I put together another scavenger hunt for him for the rest of the day.

The rules remained pretty much the same as last time:

Welcome to Alexander’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Scavenger Hunt. In this scavenger hunt, you will be documenting your experience with photographs of possibly difficult things to find around the park. If possible, try to capture at least one member of your group in each picture. None of these photos will require you to ride a ride, though you may find some of the objectives in a ride. To be successful, some subjects may require a little creativity, but don’t bring anything from the list into the park with you.

There were a couple of things we couldn’t find in the park – I don’t think there’s a jukebox or a gargoyle anywhere.

Here’s the video, with the list of items below. If you give it a try, let me know!

  1. Statue with no arms
  2. Jetpack
  3. Basket
  4. Crate
  5. Barrel
  6. Net
  7. Walt Disney
  8. Squirt gun
  9. Airplane
  10. A carrot
  11. Coal
  12. Stovepipe hat
  13. Snow
  14. Scarf
  15. Oprah Winfrey
  16. Phone booth
  17. Fire hydrant
  18. Bicycle
  19. Lion
  20. Tiger
  21. Bear
  22. Elephant
  23. Dragon
  24. Dinosaur
  25. Horse
  26. Monkey
  27. Sheep
  28. Rabbit
  29. A hidden Mickey
  30. Something frozen
  31. Something melted
  32. Skull
  33. Travel poster
  34. Taxi
  35. Wet paint sign
  36. Submarine
  37. Toolbox
  38. Cupcake
  39. Chalkboard
  40. Robot
  41. Toon Patrol
  42. Safety sign
  43. Shark
  44. Tank
  45. Brick wall
  46. Island
  47. Mermaid
  48. Statue of Liberty
  49. Crayons
  50. Pencils
  51. Pens
  52. Star
  53. Moon
  54. Rocket
  55. Couch
  56. Office chair
  57. Artist
  58. Topiary
  59. Angel
  60. Detective
  61. Footprints
  62. Tire tracks
  63. Lantern
  64. Fire extinguisher
  65. Chimney
  66. Aladdin’s lamp
  67. Torch
  68. Clock
  69. Column
  70. Arch
  71. Movie camera
  72. Umbrella
  73. Heart
  74. Crown
  75. Queens
  76. Mailbox
  77. Hotel
  78. Speed limit
  79. Library
  80. Pirate flag
  81. Mythological creature
  82. Laundry
  83. Spring
  84. Garden
  85. Meter
  86. 1928
  87. Microphone
  88. Dalmatian
  89. Arrow
  90. Television
  91. Hot set
  92. Something from Anaheim
  93. Something in a merchandise shop that costs less than a dollar
  94. Something in a merchandise shop that costs more than $500
  95. Something labeled “Limited Edition.”
  96. Bowtie
  97. Fez
  98. Mop

5 responses to “Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Scavenger Hunt

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  2. Matt, you are such an awesome dad!! I may steal this fun idea to go with my nephews Seaworld tickets Christmas present. Thanks! See you next week at A Gift For Teaching.

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  4. Are the last 3 Doctor Who references?! Because, Bowties are cool. Fezzes are cool also.

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