Gravity Falls Costumes

My son and I had the opportunity to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago. I got the tickets last minute, so I had four hours to throw together costumes for the party. My son and I had previously talked about Gravity Falls characters, and knowing that the Wreck It Ralph costumes would be outside our reach in the limited time I had, I was able to make my son into a pretty good Dipper Pines, and myself into a passable Grunkle Stan.

While we were at Not So Scary, we saw a few other people dressed as Dipper and his sister Mabel, but I didn’t see another Grunkle Stan that night.

Overall, I think they turned out pretty good for the time/resources I had.

For my son’s Dipper costume, I found the vest jacket at Ross in the kid’s section for about $10. The hat is a plain white hat I found at Michael’s for $2.99. (One of the Mabels we saw made her brother’s Dipper costume and said she found a plain white trucker hat at Walmart.) The red t-shirt was $4 at Target, and the grey shorts were $12 at Target (but those can be worn all the time, so it was a good buy). The book is a faux leather journal that I glued the 3 hand to.

One of the other Guests at Not So Scary had made her own book too, and the inside was full of the details of the actual book from the show. She did a great job! I was impressed. My son mainly used his for character autographs during the party, though there are Gravity Falls inspired pages within as well.

My Grunkle Stan costume is just black pants and a black sport coat, with a red ribbon tie. I found Groucho Marx glasses at the Dollar Tree and took off the nose and painted the eyebrows grey. The fez is a popcorn bucket I got at Michaels for 99 cents, and used red duct tape to make it more fez-ish. Black shoe laces made the tassel, and yellow paint for the semi-Masonic decoration on the front. The fez is larger than a real one, but that and the bright red duct tape makes it more cartoonish. It definitely stood out that night. To make Grunkle Stan’s cane, I bought a Magic 8-Ball and used epoxy to attach it to a curtain rod (the cane may have been the most expensive part of the costumes, and with more time, I could have made something better for cheaper, but I did it on my lunch hour at work…)

If you or your kids are going as Gravity Falls characters for Halloween, I’d love to see the pictures! Feel free to share links in the comments!


6 responses to “Gravity Falls Costumes

  1. I saw you guys! Were you there October 5th?

  2. My son wants to be Dipper this year. Thanks for the help! 🙂

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