Movie Review: Brave

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about Brave. I just saw it and loved it. Don’t listen to the critics. Is it a prefect film? No. But few movies are.

Technically, as with all Pixar films, it is extremely well made. The art of it is beautiful. The landscapes are gorgeous. The 3D enhanced things without bring intrusive. The voice acting was perfect.

The story is not very original, but it’s solid, and the character of princess Merissa is pretty fresh. Most other characters are flat though. The world of the film is not big. It’s not an epic story. It seems like a chapter in a book of fairy tales, not a full novel. But those things don’t make it a bad film. It probably won’t make it a classic though either.

But Pixar is a business built to entertain, not to churn it classic films, and I think they have succeeded. This is better than a popcorn flick churned out by so many studios. Probably the worst thing Brave has going for it is the mountain of successes that precede it from Pixar. As their first fairy tale, if it didn’t hit the ball out of the park, it’s a solid hit to advance the runners. That’s ask the team and the fans need, even though Some people only want then to setting for the fences.

Is it okay to put baseball metaphors in a princess movie review?

I recommend you take your kids, and take yourself. You won’t fall asleep like I have done in other animated features that I’ve taken my soon to. I’d even see it twice because I missed Easter eggs that I know are there. And there’s a quick scene after the credits if you can feet your kids to stay still after the credits.

A final technical note… Our theater has the new Dolby Atmos sound system… One of 14 theaters that installed it for the release of Brave. I think the enhancements it brings are subtle, but good. I don’t think if they weren’t told that an average viewer would notice. But it added an aural texture that I appreciated, especially nice in the scene in the rain.

And another note… I’m a bit upset that the toys for the movie give away the major plot points. I wish I had stayed spoiler free, but I saw the toys at Target. Grr.


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