The Hunger Games: Quick Thoughts

I just got home from seeing the film of The Hunger Games. Here are some stream of consciousness quick thoughts:

  • I’m a fan of the books and the film held to the first book extremely well. It’s been about 2 years since I read the first book though.
  • The shaky camera work at the beginning of the film was very annoying
  • The casting was really good. Except for Peeta. I can do without Josh whatshisname.
  • In several cases, the casting exceeded my expectations – they imagined better people for the roles than the people I imagined when I read the books (Haymitch, for example).
  • Jennifer Lawrence was solid and engaging.
  • The chariot scene was nowhere near as dramatic as it was in the book.
  • Gary Ross directed a great film, and the cinematography is great. However, both get points off for the stupid shaky camera at the beginning. (I’m okay with shaky in the action scenes.)
  • The gore level is low. The intensity level of the film is high, though.
  • As a social commentary, the film could have turned up the dial a notch. The parallels between the Capitol and the 1% are obvious, and while clearly evident in the movie, the politics were more subtle. That may change in the next two installments though. I think this first one is more about the exploitation of the kids in the games.
  • Things left out of the movie, or altered, didn’t concern me too much. That could be because it’s been a while since I read the books though.
  • There were a lot of young teens in the sold-out theater. They were not annoying – no phones, giggling, etc. Only things like gasps of astonishment – especially for people who didn’t seem to have read the books. I’d like to thank my fellow theater patrons for a pleasant movie experience.
  • Looking forward to Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Can we have them soon?

P.S. One other thing… Even though mostly unrelated, this film gives me a glimpse into how good an Enders Game film can be in the right hands.

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