How to Draw Mickey Mouse

In 14 easy steps. I could have done this better in pencil, but I used the clunky trackpad on my laptop with my fat finger.

Mickey Mouse starts with a circle. The key here is not to be too precise. Draw with your whole arm, not just with your hand. Be loose and free and start out drawing softly. This is art, not math. Go over your circle until it’s circle-y. You will go over it with a darker line later, and you can erase the parts you don’t want.


Step 1: Draw a circle

Once you have your circle, you’ll draw guidelines. From a circle, it becomes a ball.ย These help give Mickey some shape, and show you which direction he’s facing.

Step 2: Guidelines

This is subtle. Draw Mickey’s widow’s peak. It’s really just a little V shape that curves, following the vertical guideline. The left side of the V follows the back edge of the head down to the cheek. This makes Mickey’s “mask.” Then below the mask, you do another semicircle shape for his cheek.

Step 3: Widow's Peak to Cheek

Now we’ll draw Mickey’s muzzle. The muzzle is what his nose sits on. It’s kind of a loopy comma shape. You don’t want to make the curve too big. The bottom of the comma shape is his lip line, so that will tuck into his cheek.


Step 4: Muzzle

The next step is a small one. Just make a little curve where his lip line goes into his cheek, like his smile is pushing it up.


Step 5: Dimple

And now the mouth… start at the back of his mouth where the lip line meets the cheek, and swoop down in a curvy motion into a U shape and back up to meet the lip.


Step 6: Mouth

The bottom lip starts by following the circle line of the head until it gets to the mouth, then traces around the mouth.


Step 7: Bottom lip

Now put the tongue in his mouth. It’s like the top of a heart.

Step 8: Tongue

Now let’s put in his nose. It’s kinda oval shaped and sits out on the end of his muzzle.


Step 9: Nose

Our next step is the eyes. The shape of the eyes follow the shape of the face. You can use the vertical guideline for reference. You want them to look like the wrap around the curve of his head. And the nearer eye is slightly larger than the other.


Step 10: Eyes

And the pupils… Same kind of concept inside the eye.


Step 11: Pupils

Mickey’s ears at this perspective have one at the back of his head and one on top. Mickey’s ears when he’s animated tend to move around his head depending on where he’s looking. Both are always visible. For the size, if Mickey’s head were a quarter, his ears would be dimes.


Step 12: Ears

You can fill in the dark parts now – ears, the back of the mouth above the tongue, and the widow’s peak and the top of the cheek.

Step 13: Fill in

And then clean up the lines by erasing the parts that aren’t Mickey Mouse.

Step 14: Clean up

And if you wanted Minnie Mouse… Just add some eyelashes and a bow.

Minnie Mouse

Here’s all the steps in a slideshow so you can step through them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


10 responses to “How to Draw Mickey Mouse

  1. You’re awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. catastrophegirl

    hrm, this looks familiar. have i seen this somewhere before?


  4. Finally! Now I know how to draw Minnie.

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