The rhythm of the weekend…

“The rhythm of the weekend, with its birth, its planned gaieties, and its announced end, followed the rhythm of life and was a substitute for it.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

This weekend was a many varied one. Friday night started out with baking monster cookies – chocolate chunk, M&Ms and peanuts in your standard oatmeal dough. I scorched the bottoms of one set – I was baking two sheets at a time, one on stoneware and one on a metal sheet. The metal sheeted ones got a little too done by the time the stoneware ones finished. Still edible and yummy though!

I declared Saturday a no-TV day for us (though Alexander and I did watch a few YouTube videos together). The highlight of Saturday was getting to spend time with Karmen (@familysizedfun, and her family for her daughter Madee’s Dora-themed 3rd birthday. It was good times. And I got to meet @Lins610 and @Japster24 there, too! I’m sure Karmen will blog the details after things settle down a little.

This morning, Alexander worked on a school project. He has to make a 3D model/diorama of a Magellanic penguin, which he made out of clay. It’s drying now, and next weekend, he’ll paint it.

We went to lunch at Downtown Disney. We were going to go to the new chicken place there (Pollo Campero?), but when we went in, we weren’t really feeling it. There weren’t many other guests eating there either – the McDonald’s that it replaced was always busy, so maybe that was a bad move.

After I dropped Alexander off at his mom’s this afternoon, I headed out to the other side of town to check out roller derby with the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls. The Serial Thrillers lost to the Sunnyland Slammers, but it was a close match, and a lot of fun to watch! Tonight was a Harry Potter themed night, so there were some people dressed up in costume as wizards and such, and the half time relay was rollerskating on broomsticks. I had a good time. Admission was $10 with a school supply that goes to A Gift for Teaching, an organization that I adore. I’ll go again.

I’ll leave you with the bad cell phone shots I took. They’re horrible pictures, but they’ll give you an idea. You can check out better pics at their website:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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