Ants and Meat

First, can you help me with my ant problem? My washer is in my garage. It’s a lovely Whirlpool Duet HE front loader and I heart it lots. But I open the slot to add detergent, and there are ants living in there! I wash them out, but they’ve been coming back. I know it’s cold and they want the water, but I don’t want THEM!


Also, I’ve had ants in the dishwasher! They’re nowhere else in the house or the garage. Just in those appliances! The dishwasher has been better because I’ve been running it as soon as I fill it, and it dries itself, so it holds no appeal for the ants if I stay on top of things.

I believe the ants are coming in from the walls. I see no other entry point into the house. And on the outside, I see them crawl into crevices like between the siding and the eaves. So I’ve used Spectracide on the outside of the house where I see them. And then I ran out of that and borrowed my brother’s bug spray, which is full on malathion. It killed the visible ants, but since they live in nests, they keep coming back.

So last week, I made some homemade ant bait using borax (20 Mule Team) and honey. The effectiveness of this is unclear at this point. I have no doubt that the ants ate the mixture. I guess key would be if they took it back to their queens and babies, right? How do I know how much bait to use?

Have any of you used borax in an ant bait? I’ve read online that people have had luck with borax mixed with sugar and Crisco to make a paste. Do you have any other suggestions to eradicate the ants? How about I just put a pile of sugar and Crisco with no borax at the neighbors house and hope they migrate over there?

Okay, on to the meat! I found out today that I won the giveaway from from US Wellness Meats (the contest is here:

I won a $100 gift certificate for anything in their store! They have all kinds of awesome things that will be shipped right to my door.

But I’m a bit overwhelmed. I don’t know what to get! Will you help me shop? They have beef, chicken, bison, and other meat, and then stuff like honey and ice cream, soap, candles, butter, cheese… even raw, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream! Not that that matters. Though I was vegetarian last year for 6 months, I’m not now… And my brother gave me a gas grill for Christmas, so meat from US Wellness Meats would be a great way to break it in!

So if you were in my shoes, what would you get? 16 pounds of back ribs, a bison tri-tip roast and some beef bacon? Or should I get a steak gift pack with a variety of cuts of steak? Should I try pemmican?

How do I even choose? I need your help! And hey – if you help, and you live close, you can come over for a cookout!

One thing I know I won’t be getting:

Lamb Oysters

Lamb Oysters


10 responses to “Ants and Meat

  1. Since you asked….I think you should hold on to the gift certificate for a few months (maybe like 9) and then get some great meat and grill out for me when I come back. It’s hard to get a good piece of meat in SoKo.

    • That sounds like a good idea, Amy.

      However, I asked WHAT to buy, not WHEN to buy. 😛

      9 months? You could have a baby by then!

      • Matthew, you know I don’t reproduce.

        Here is my list of recommendations then… I expect these the next time you see me! (not really)

        Italian Sausage and/or Bratwurst
        Salmon and Shrimp
        some lean ground beef, that’s multipurpose
        I don’t eat Bison…
        Pet Burger for Charles

        that should do it 🙂

  2. I’m a steak girl, so that’s always gonna get my vote.

    As for your ant problem…you got me, fella. I haven’t the foggiest. I think what we need to ask ourselves here is, what makes your appliances so cozy in the first place?

    • I think steak will definitely be on the list.

      Good question about the coziness of appliances. But to answer that, maybe I have to think like an ant.

      And I don’t know how to do that. They have a hive mind.

      Twitter is like a hive mind.

      So I guess I *am* thinking like an ant! Because I asked Twitter for help!

      Sweet! Ants will be gone in no time.

  3. I can’t help with the ant problem or helping you buy meat as I know little about both BUT you did say that comments were love so here you go. hahaha Let me know what happens with the ants!

  4. ants:
    yeast on molasses smeared on paper is one way i know of but it kills individual ants, not the nest.
    not sure what to do about the dishwasher but the washer is on a pedestal or has feet? if it has feet and isn’t badly balanced [as long as it doesn’t “walk” around when it’s running] you can try something under the feet that’s full of water. make mini moats around the feet. if there are still ants in it later then they are coming in the plug or along the fill or drain lines. that would confirm the walls theory.

    boric acid is a classic insecticide. the crystals get in their spiracles and block them up, suffocating and slicing them internally. it’s nasty but usually effective.
    diatomaceous earth might be another way but it needs to be applied around the exterior of the house after every rain. you can get it at pool supply stores or feed stores. the ants follow a scent trail so any time you remove them, the next batch will follow the previous path

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