Home at 6 Weeks!

It’s been about six weeks since I moved into my new home. Everything worked out well with the mortgage, though the day of closing was a bit hectic. (I had to wire the closing funds to the title company, and it all happened 5 minutes before the bank shut down the wire for transfers! Eek!)

So far, things are going well. I painted two rooms and have hung some art and pictures. I did some minor landscaping and have attempted to seed the grass. Though results on that are questionable due to hard freezes here in Florida. My new hibiscus is on life support. The hibiscus and begonias are covered with sheets and towels for the cold weather now, and my sunpatiens (impatien hybrids) and a coconut palm are in pots in the house.

How about a tour?

It's cute, no?

They say that a lot of people paint the front door when they buy a new house. That’s something I haven’t done. The blue is okay with me. What I did do was hang some sheer curtains to give a little privacy.

The door into the garage is in the center of that picture. The cabinet to the right was my grandmother’s. She used to collect frogs, but I don’t collect anything. It’s now showcasing Lego Architecture models on top, and one of the shelves has a Lego Toy Story train that Alexander got for Christmas.

To the left are two bedrooms and a bathroom. One of the bedrooms is Alexander’s room, and the other is a den right now.

This is Alexander’s room. Do you really expect an 8 year old to have his bed made? He got mad that I didn’t have him clean it before I took pictures, though. Alexander picked out the colors of the walls. Two are blue, and two are the green. The funny thing is, I think his room has the most “lived in” feel, even though he’s only with me on weekends. Since the paint is his, and he’s got a ton of furniture and toys and books and …just stuff… it really feels like his. The rest of the house is a work in progress… and will be for a long time. But that’s okay. It’s like the house gave me endless hobbies.

The den is the front bedroom, so I put the Christmas tree in there so when it’s lit up, you can see it from the street. The blue is the same blue as in Alexander’s room, but with the rich wood in the room and different light from the window, it has a very different feel.

The desk and the cabinet in this room are empty. I wish I had more books and stuff.

This is the guest bedroom. What you can’t see is a tiki head wastebasket and a tiki head mask on the wall.

This is the guest bedroom. It’s also known as “Amy’s room” because she gave me the bed and some of the artwork before she moved to Korea. You can read about her adventures in Korea here: http://theseoulsister.blogspot.com/ The window in this room has a good view. I live on a pond and this window looks out toward it, and there’s also a nice magnolia just outside. It’s a similar view to the kitchen, below. I picked the neutral bedding on purpose because I didn’t want to “overdesign” a guest bedroom where someone wouldn’t feel comfortable because of colors or whatever. I’ll get some decorative pillows that will pick up some colors from the art on the walls.

This image looks toward the greatroom from the front door. Of note is the Great Wall of China on the high ledge at the top right. It’s just papercraft, but it looks kinda cool. Eventually, I might paint it so it looks less paper. The cabinet with the lamp on it is also empty. It’s an awkward piece of furniture with drawers that can only open when the doors are completely open, though, so it may stay empty. To get an idea of layout, to the immediate right is the little hall to Alexander’s room and the den and that bathroom. Just past the cabinet on the left, before you enter the greatroom, is a hall to the guest (tiki) bathroom and Amy’s room.

This is the dining room part of the greatroom looking toward the kitchen. The entryway would be to the left. On the table is the Lego toy Story train that is now displayed in the glass cabinet in the entryway. Alexander took about 3 hours to assemble it yesterday after Christmas.

This is the living room part of the greatroom. It’s a work in progress. I need curtains and a better place for the television and stuff. For Christmas, my dad made me a coffee table that looks like a painter’s palette. I like the high ceilings, but that means there’s huge walls that are empty. I need art to fill it up.

This is the kitchen. It’s a good size. I don’t like a lot of what’s in it, though. I got a black fridge cheap from a friend of a friend, so I changed out the front panel of the dishwasher to match the black. The stove doesn’t look horrible, but the white microwave stands out. The cabinetry is nice and sturdy and I have a fair amount of space and counter surface, but I’m not wild about the way the doors look. And I’m really not wild about that salmon colored wall at the top that stretches into the greatroom. And the countertops are nothing special. So this will eventually be a good project room. But it’s totally functional, and I like the gas oven and range. I don’t hate my kitchen, but I don’t love it.

This is the view from the kitchen out toward the pond. It’s lovely.

This is the master bedroom. All you get to see of it, anyway, because it’s still messy. The ivy stencil on the green wall came with the house and it looks nice, framing the bed, so I’m keeping it. It’s a good sized room with a big window looking out at the pond and has a really big walk in closet.

This is the master bath. It has a jacuzzi garden tub and a nice stand up shower. I like the tile. There are some problems with the bathroom (needs some paint and maybe making the sink a double), but nothing urgent to fix.

This is the back of the house. There’s not much of a backyard to speak of because of the pond. But I can fish off the back porch. The pond is stocked with bass and bluegill. I’ve caught both. My brother gave me a gas grill for Christmas, so it will be great out here. The downside is that algae grows on the slab and side of the house. I’ll need a pressure washer eventually.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a really nice home, and I got a great deal on it. It’s more space than I need, but I think I’ll grow into it.

If anyone has criticism or suggestions for decor or projects, I’m totally open. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Leave a comment below! Comments are love!


13 responses to “Home at 6 Weeks!

  1. I love it and I think the house is perfect. I can’t believe it’s already been six weeks!

  2. a high window like the arch in the living room is begging to highlight something tall and colorful in an art piece. although, i suspect that sunbeam on the wall over the sofa is from that window and it’s almost a rainbow. i bet prisms up there would make the room very colorful.
    appliance paint exists, maybe you could paint the microwave if you want all black appliances? the pond view from the kitchen might benefit from a ‘frame’ – fabric, paint, tile. heck, you could even find an empty frame the right size or put wood trim around it to look like a frame.
    i thought i had fantastic bathrooms but i’m envious of yours
    i am curious about your hibiscus. i have one that is currently under several inches of snow. and has been many times. it’s fine, thrives even. i was surprised the first time that happened but it holds up as well as the boxwood and holly.

    • I like the idea of a wood picture frame around the window.

      The hibiscus is young and recently planted, so I think it just isn’t strong enough for the cold yet. It’s not dead, but it lost most of it’s leaves and flowers. There are some new buds that look okay. We’ll see how it goes.

      • if you are handy with a saw and stain you could do it yourself for a few bucks. especially if you have a miter box. just pick up a piece of wood trim that you like and cut it to size. or carry around the dimensions of the window and frequent thrift stores.
        then again, most people would probably just go to the craft store and have one made to measure in the framing department.
        if you wanted to really make it look like a picture frame you could “hang” it by attaching some ribbon or wire to the top.
        like this

        guess it depends on the size of the hibiscus maybe? if it’s already got a woody trunk and a few weeks at least for the roots to get set in, it’s probably going to be fine.

  3. also, i didn’t mean to just fill the first comment up with suggestions only. i meant to also say that’s a very nice house! spacious and you definitely got the location right. it takes time to make a house a home and you seem headed in the right direction already. not going to give you any more suggestions though because the funky things i’d do to the house probably aren’t to your taste. i do stuff like write on my fridge and mix up old thrift store furniture with antiques i inherited. it’s not actually very attractive to most people.

    • All suggestions are welcome, even the funky ones!

      My house already looks like a mix of antiques and thrift store. And Ikea.

      • do you often have house guests? a neat way to be functional, a good host and decorate is to put together a ‘guest basket’
        although it doesn’t have to be a basket. could be a vintage looking wooden crate or a tray or whatever.
        but something that holds a few nice things for houseguests. some of the things to include might be a booklight, towels if there’s no good space for guest towels in the bathroom, a scented candle [with fire making apparatus,] notepad and pen, deck or cards, sewing kit, maybe some mints or candies [if they won’t disappear into alexander,] sample sized toiletries that might be forgotten at home… basically anything you’d want if you were staying at a top notch hotel.
        another good way to add to the decor in a guest room is an extra throw or blanket in a color that goes with those pillows you intend to add. fold it across the foot of the bed or put it over the back of a chair in the room, if you have a chair. adds a hint of color or pattern and no one has to suffer or wake you in the night to find the linen closet for a spare blanket.

  4. Your house is ADORABLE! I love the colors and the all the rooms and the little pond! And that hedgehog thing! It’s really lovely. You’ve done a nice job with it. I’m happy you found such a nice place. 🙂

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