Survivor notes! Spoilers within!

My son had his TV privileges taken away because his stepfather caught him watching TV after his bedtime. We’d normally watch Survivor together, so I took notes for him which I’ve included below.

Contains spoilers:

Survivor: Nicaragua

Opens talking about rugged terrain: rainforest… panthers…

All the contestants arrive on the beach and think they were already divided into two tribes. They take some generic thoughts about first impressions, and people recognize NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, and then Jeff Probst says that somewhere down the lagoon, there’s a medallion of power and the first person to come back wearing it wins it for their tribe. Brenda, a woman in maybe her late 20s got the medallion.

Jeff says you win it for your tribe, but the tribe that you think it is isn’t that and he says everyone 40 and older is in one tribe “Espada” which means “sword” and everyone under 40 is in a tribe “La Flor” which means “the flower.” So Brenda won the medallion for “La Flor.”

But then Jeff says that they can keep the medallion for unknown power in the game in the future, or trade it right then for fire and fishing gear. They trade the medallion for the gear and Espada gets the medallion.

Back at camp, it turns out that Espada doesn’t need the fire gear – Jane makes fire using someone’s eyeglasses to focus the sun.


La Flor

Brenda – former Miami Dolphins cheerleader
Alina – art student
Chase – pro race car
Jud – dumb blond guy – bit by crab, stepped on something walking barefoot – they’re calling him Fabio
Kelly S – “purple kelly”
Shannon (boy) – pest control co. owner
Kelly B – amputated leg because of birth defect – prosthetic – everyone wants her to be one of first to go so she doesn’t get sympathy votes later in game
Sash – real estate broker


Jimmy Johnson – NFL football coach – after first day, during night says he overdid it – throwing up – Complaining in morning
Jane – dog trainer, made fire using eyeglasses
Wendy – goat rancher, talks a lot
Marty – technology exec
Holly – swim coach
Jimmy T – fisherman

Day 2

In La Flor, Chase made alliance with Shannon  as a men’s alliance saying they didn’t want any more women to win the game. Very chauvinistic. But then Chase goes off and tells Brenda and tries to make an alliance with her. Brenda thinks he’s clueless.

Alina and Kelly B get the tree mail and find a clue to the immunity idol – the clue says they can share it with others, but they keep it between the two of them, even though they don’t want to be allied. They don’t understand the clue and don’t go looking for it.

In Espada, Jimmy Johnson says no one will give him a million bucks so he’s just here for the adventure, but he can help someone else win. Most people don’t think that’s true – they think if he plays well he can win.

First Challenge – Immunity

There’s a three story tower with one person on top, with water. Others in the tribe use pieces of rain gutter to direct water from the buckets that the person on top pour down. When the bucket at the bottom of the tower is full (about 5 buckets full), puzzle pieces are released and the remaining members of the tribe assemble it.

Jeff explains the medallion of power – it gives advantages in challenges. He says if Espada uses it now, the younger tribe will get it in the next challenge. The advantage in this challenge would be one early bucket of water in the bottom bucket for a head start.

Espada decides not to use medallion, to show that they don’t need it. Turns out that they do need it. La Flor stays ahead for the whole challenge, though editing tried to make it close.

La Flor wins immunity and they are given an idol that looks like a cross between a conquistador and the travelocity roaming gnome.

Back at camp, Espada talks, and everyone agrees the weakest player should go. Most think weakest player is Wendy or Jimmy Johnson (Jimmy Johnson says he is one of the two weakest, but Wendy is weaker.)

Tribal Council

Jeff asks about first impressions again. Jane says “they might call me a southern hillbilly” Others called her macgyver because she made fire.

Wendy chattered during council, seemed to annoy everyone, and Wendy was voted out. There were no votes for Jimmy Johnson even though everyone talked about him. Yve got two votes.

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