This weekend, I am moving. It’s really just across the street. If I was tall (like Paul Bunyan tall), I could probably see one place from the other.

I’m moving from a two bedroom apartment into two bedrooms of a friend’s 4 bedroom house. So we’re losing a lot of space, and a little bit of freedom, but the savings on rent will make it SO worth it.

Most everything is packed. There’s still random stuff here and there. Alexander has the most stuff, of course. I don’t know where all these toys came from. (Yes I do: grandparents.)

Most of the furniture and things I won’t need or won’t have space for, my parents will store for me. Last weekend, we built a little loft in their… outbuilding is the only word I can think of. It’s like a garage, I guess, though no car has ever been in it that I know of. It’s a laundry room workshop storage place. Maybe we should have a garage sale though. Downsizing is good.

If you all want to come help, you’re welcome. We’ll start over here at 9am, but my brother, parents, and my friend Amy will be here helping. I won’t say no if you want to help, too.


4 responses to “Moving

  1. Moving is never fun, but paying less rent is good! Hope all the moving goes smoothly!

  2. Richard Pryor had a movie called, “Moving.” If I recall, it was pretty funny.

    Being that it’s a Richard Pryor production I won’t post any clips to your site. Not sure how you feel about the foul language. 🙂
    Here’s the plot summary,

    Good luck with your move! I’m sure that Central Moving & Storage will get your stuff from point A to B without the drama that took place in the movie.

    • Ooh, thanks, Kendra! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, but I like Richard Pryor!

      I moved myself, with the help of family and a friend. I just used Central’s boxes. 🙂

      Movers would have been awesome though! I’m exhausted.

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