Hello, Helicopter.

Happy Friday, dear reader.

Today begins a string of 11 three-day weekends for me as I spend more time with Alexander while he’s out of school for the summer. We may be able to get away for some day or weekend trips, but we’ll just have to see how things shake out. This first day, we’re going to spend some time with my parents and see if we can find them a new TV.

This is the television they have now:

The UHF knob is broken…. which doesn’t matter, because no one sends analog TV signals anymore.

But my dad’s vision has recently become impaired. He went in for cataract surgery a few months ago, and as the doctor was checking him out, they found out that his retinas were deteriorating and bleeding. And it turns out that this has been caused by diabetes which he’s had for years and never known because he’s never shown other symptoms.

So my dad is being treated for that, and his vision is getting better. But in the meantime, they need a better TV so he can actually see it.

This is the one we’re going to look at:

It seems to be a good TV. They wanted to only spend $500, and this one is $599 at CompUSA, but the $99 will be worth it for the LED and the 120Hz refresh rate. I couldn’t find a better entry point TV for the technology. And for his eyes, my dad needs something bright and high contrast.

Tonight, Alexander and I may go to the Magic Kingdom to see the Main Street Electrical Parade and the new fireworks. He’s never seen the parade, but it’s the one I grew up with in the 70s at Disneyland. They’ve made a few changes, but I think he’ll like it. The fireworks are good, too, but maybe not as good as Wishes, though the perimeter fireworks seem like they surround you so it makes it more fun.

We’ll probably see the new Karate Kid movie this weekend, too. For me, it will be a nostalgic weekend, I guess. Maybe after I drop Alexander off at his mom’s, I should go see The A-Team, too. 🙂 Murdock was always my favorite.

Peace out, yo.

EDIT: I just was reminded on Twitter by @CentralFLTop5 that tomorrow is Target Family Day at the Orlando Museum of Art, so we’ll probably go there in the morning! Fun! http://www.omart.org/events/target-family-day-2


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