Poetry Blog 2: 7/28/2009

The Mind’s Palm Tree
In his poem “Of Mere Being,” Wallace Stevens imagines a palm tree that stands at the end of the mind, “beyond the last thought.” This tree symbolizes Steven’s idea of heaven. What is the “beyond” that you imagine?
Using short, declarative sentences like Stevens’s, write a poem that describes your own beyond, your own heaven.

My eyes close to quiet the light
and I concentrate on the music.
The notes make their own lights on the lids.

I see neither hands nor instruments
But I recognize the work.
The composer is playing his own symphony.

I long for instruments of my own
So I can layer in a harmony.
I am content to hum along.

The music stops. A strong hand grabs my own.
I am led onstage, and together
We create a beautiful song.


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