Why the Food Network is dangerous

Not because it causes you to crave things…
Not because most of what they show isn’t so healthy (some is, I know).

But because they make you think that you can do these things.

“You think you can do these things, but you just can’t, Nemo!”

Well, Alexander and I were talking about the cake contest that our church is having for the picnic in a couple of weeks. Last year, he won the pie baking contest, so obviously, we have to win the cake contest too.

We are both fans of Ace of Cakes, so we get the bright idea that we can make a cake that looks like the church.

Ummm…we might be able to.

After attending culinary school and getting a degree in Pastry Arts.

I do know enough that to make an angular building, you can’t use fondant because it makes rounded edges. But modeling chocolate would work for sharp edges.

So in the fridge, I am cooling my first ever batch of modeling chocolate. It’s easy to make, but I won’t know if I got the consistency right until it comes out of the fridge.

Anyone have any ideas for a cake that would win a cake baking contest?


One response to “Why the Food Network is dangerous

  1. A cake that looks like the church sounds like an awesome idea – best of luck with it!
    I totally used to enter cake contests at our village fair when I was but a lad… I even won rosettes a couple of times!

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