There’s this guy who is a programmer in my office. A while ago, I was making coffee, and I tapped out the filter so I wouldn’t drip coffee everywhere when I pulled it out. He was very condescending to me about it saying I was making the coffee bitter. But then he said that he didn’t care because he didn’t drink the coffee anyway, implying that the Starbucks coffee we use was bad.

And now he’s in the kitchen reconstituting Folgers.

Now, I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, and when I make coffee, I don’t drink it – I do it just to be nice, but I’m pretty sure that fresh brewed coffee, whether I shake out that last few drops from the filter or not, is still better than dehydrated coffee.

What exactly are “flavor crystals” anyway?


8 responses to “Coffee

  1. first of all, o.O , you don’t drink coffee, ever? o.O
    secondly, flavor crystals are just that. wet coffee that was flash dried via freezing so that the water evaporates, leaving coffee flakes/crystals/whatever. either way, still very gross.
    thirdly, your co-worker is an idiot if he thinks that Folgers is EVER better than fresh brewed. perhaps your coffee is bitter b/c it is made TOO strongly. Starbucks coffee, depending on the type of coffee, can be very bitter/strong. if the coffee type is particularly “robust”, try using less to make the pot.
    did i mention your co-worker is an idiot? LOL

    • I don’t drink drip coffee. I drink lattes of various types.
      We use Starbucks mild house blend at work.
      So Folgers…there’s the regular coffee crystals which are brown, but then there are white crystals, too, in some varieties. I thought *those* were flavor crystals.
      And yes, he is an idiot. He proudly displays his University of Phoenix buy-a-diploma on the cube half-wall. I’m pretty sure he’d be unable to program a turtle to move 5 steps in LOGO on a TRS-80, let alone our funky .NET apps.

      • ah, i stand corrected on your coffee preferences. 😉
        yes, Starbucks mild, mmmmm.
        white crystals? isn’t that like cocaine or meth? LOL Folgers. still ewww.
        bwahaha, re: diploma and his programming skillz. i understood what you said even if i don’t know how to program said TRS-80. there has to be that “ONE” person in every office that can be pointed at and mocked. glad it isn’t you. *muah*

  2. Folgers better than Starbucks??
    Next he will be telling you mcdonalds has the best cheeseburgers.

  3. Mkay. Have you tried replacing his Folgers Crystals with dirt to see if he notices the difference?

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