Han Solo Costume

I made Alexander a Han Solo costume for a Star Wars themed birthday party. It should be able to be recycled for Halloween this year too. Pictures are below the cut.

This was the beginning attempt. I was still trying to figure out the pants.

This is the outfit completed. I’m quite happy with what I accomplished.

The white shirt is a long sleeved polo from Old Navy… pop the collar, and it seems almost ready made for Han. $10 from the Old Navy outlet.

The vest was a black t-shirt on sale that I removed the sleeves from and then cut up the center. I reused the sleeve material to make the pockets on the front of the vest. I fuse taped them on after deciding I can’t sew well enough to sew them on. The back of the vest has pockets too that I took off a messenger bag I had lying around. Those pockets are sewn on.

The holster is made out of brown flexible foam. Two slits are cut out of the back to run the belt through and then the other end of the belt is safety pinned back up to the belt. I don’t know how long that will last, but it looks alright. The belt buckle is a really bad cardboard and aluminum foil job. I can do better, and may, before the party. The belt itself is a woman’s belt from Old Navy. Size small I think, but the double row of eyelets that run the whole length made it perfect for a 5 year old and had the right look. And the little doodads attached to the belt – Push Pops, spray painted black.

The boots were the most expensive part. $20 from Target. They are girl’s size one boots, but Alexander was okay with wearing them for the costume, even though they are for girls. I think they should still fit at Halloween time.

The pants were just regular blue cotton pants without ornamentation and no pockets. I took red bias tape, and cut it in pieces, then cut fuse tape to the same length, and ironed it all into place down the legs of the pants. This is my favorite part of the costume, because I had to figure out the best way to do it, and it worked out so well.

The blaster doesn’t look like the real thing, but it’s way cool. It’s a Nerf N-Strike Maverick or something like that. It was on sale for $6. It comes with 6 suction cup darts, and it fires them pretty hard. It was originally bright yellow and orange with silver on the grip and the cocking slide. I painted the whole thing flat black (except under the slide, just out of laziness). I think it turned out pretty good.


2 responses to “Han Solo Costume

  1. *see icon* I knew you could do it!
    MATT! Will you make my costume for D*C??? 😉 YOU DID GREAT!!!!
    Wow, I wish MY dad had made ME a Star Wars costume! Mom for that matter. lol

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