Meme me

First, stealing kaidy’s: Give me a nickname like Sawyer would give me if I were stranded on the Island.

And then second, after the cut:
• Open google.
• Type in your name followed by the word “needs.”
• List 13 google finds that kind of make sense.

1. Matthew needs to double his fluid intake and drink way more.
(To the bar! Thundercats ho!)

2. Matthew Needs to Bring Sexy Back oh come on i love matt…sure he needs a shave REALLY badly but ladies in person he is a true movie star…and somewhere under the gastly beard he is still …
Ladies, you’ll be happy to know, I am clean shaven now.

3. At the same time, he and his parents continued to develop a community living placement plan which would best meet Mathew’s needs and desires.
Everyone is looking out for my best interests. The intervention went well.

4. Matthew needs to get a clue
Where’s Veronica Mars when I need her?

5. Who thinks Matthew needs to stop asking questions …
Why do you think I need to stop asking questions? Do you think I ask too many? Why do you think that?

6. Matthew needs your help
Especially if you are a professional.

7. Because Matthew Needs To Realize It’s Possible For Him To Be Wrong …

8. according to google “all matthew needs is a little imagination”
Google should know I am full of imagination. I have been on that Figment ride soo many times…

9. Matthew needs his sister
I didn’t even know I had a sister…

10. I don’t think Matt needs a nickname, he needs more gimmicky features. …
But I still want you to give me Sawyeresque nicknames. Gimmicky features are bonus. Like the ghastly beard.

11. Matthew needs ME for Christmas!! I’ll shave him myself if he wants (I like him dirty…hehehehe,) dance along to the bongo drums, and never, ever ask him to …
I have never looked forward to Christmas so much in June…

12. Matt needs prayers, and help and maybe just a balloon, a rainbow or a … Matt needs to date a midget or something next. … Matt needs to perform his own …
Everyone thinks I need help…and a midget girlfriend.

13. Oh yea Lauren’s not good enought for a druggy! haha Matt needs to go take a hit of haroine somewhere and leave Lauren alone!


3 responses to “Meme me

  1. And I hear Balinese midgets are all the rage these days. 😉

  2. FIGMENT!!!!!!! I love that purple rascal! Was my fav character until Jack Sparrow came along…lol
    AND, while I won’t be as brilliant as you…here are a few nicks:
    Guy Smiley
    The Roaming Gnome
    Mickey Mouse Man
    Fantasia Burrito (hey, it’s Disney mixed with a play on AI winner name…what??? lol)
    Mister Friendly II
    Captain Kangaroo
    lol – most of those are Disney related…but then again, Sawyer would remember “he worked at Disney” over most things, given his detachment from getting to know people…;)

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