Instant oatmeal and green tea

For the last month or two, I have had a strict breakfast regimen of instant oatmeal and green tea. (The green tea extends through the day as well.)

More below the cut…

I started out with regular Quaker instant oatmeal like this:

But I have since moved to the lower sugar variety like this:

Target has had the big variety pack on sale recently, so I bought a bunch. Unlike the box in the image, the big variety pack also includes the maple and brown sugar flavor.

I have found though, that the maple and brown sugar packets have a different consistency than the fruit ones. It’s not related to how much water I use. But the M&BS ones turn gluey, and the others stay oatmealy.

Anyway, the green tea I’ve been drinking is this Lipton Green Tea to Go stuff – it’s a powdered packet that you add to bottled water like this:

Target has also had those on sale, but only the mandarin/mango variety, which I think is the less tasty of them. There’s a cherry blossom variety I have not had.

They also make it in pitcher sized – you can get peach flavored green tea in the pitcher size, and that’s the one I like best. But I use the little packets at work, and the pitcher ones at home.

The point of this is that once I started this regimen (more by fluke than plan), I started feeling a ton better through the day. Previously, I’d stop for breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s like this:

Or Chick-Fil-A:

And a carbonated beverage like these:

I guess I’m just recommending that you all switch from fast food breakfast and diet soda to instant oatmeal and green tea.

And work out at least 3 times a week.


ETA: I just visited the Quaker website and sent them feedback on their gluey M&BS oats.

Random Matt Fact: I was raised a Quaker. You can find out more info about what that means if you want by visiting the website of the church I grew up at in California at their website HERE.


4 responses to “Instant oatmeal and green tea

  1. well, I am happy you’ve found a regimen that works. I was so freaked after teh kidney stones that I changed my diet. I used to drink 2-6 cans of Mountain Dew a day, if not more. AND, I ate fast food for almost one meal a day (working at the mall doesn’t help)…
    but – I went to having only ONE soda a day (sometimes none!) and drinking tons of water….instead of getting mall food, I pack my meals OR get fresh stirfry at the chinese place or a salad at teh deli place. I bring grapes and carrots to snack on. And once a week, I treat myself. Some weeks it’s a donut. Others it’s a cheese danish. This week, it was pancakes from McD’s. I must say, I feel 100% better as far as energy and my mood AND some of my pants are getting a bit LOOSE!
    And, while worknig at OG, I usually walk a quick mile each shift – good for the legs. Days when I am not at the OG, I do a 12 min. workout twice a day, 3-4 times a week.
    YAY for us finally taking care of ourselves!!!

  2. Good for you for making the switch to a new breakfast plan!!! Sounds way healthier… much better than soda and mcDs for breakfast!! *hee hee*

  3. Just thought I’d mention that regular oatmeal only takes a few minutes in the microwave. I cook it about 5 min at 50% power.. much more economical than the packets, and you can add a little brown sugar (yum) without the gluey, or add your own chopped apples or other fruit, raisins, etc. for sugar-free sweetness. I think it’s better that way. Using tea bags sometimes (cheaper than powder & no added stuff) might be worth a try too. Glad the changes are working for you! I’d like to make better changes too, but I seem to lapse easily. ah well.

    • The packets are easier at work…
      And the powder is easier too for iced tea cause I can just drop it in a bottle of water and shake it up.
      (I guess I’m lazy.)

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