Jobs I want:

I want to be the guy that writes the messages on Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets.

And the messages inside Dove Promises.

I want the job that Katherine Hepburn had in Desk Set. (though my memory is nowhere near as good as hers.

My pipe dream would be to be a concept designer for Imagineering.

I want to get paid to sit in front of a blank piece of paper and just brainstorm.

I’d like to write a bestselling novel and make a few million, and then retire to a beach and live out the rest of my days trying to write another.

I’d like to be a pop culture analyst and tell companies “I’m sorry – your product just isn’t cool” and have companies pay me to think up new names for cars.

Anyone hiring for any of those positions?


10 responses to “Jobs I want:

  1. But I am looking to hire an entry level environmental scientist/geologist with 0 – 5 years experience, preferably with 40 hour OSHA training.
    So if you find one of those, send them my way.

  2. I want the job that Katherine Hepburn had in Desk Set.
    me too me too!!
    Can we share it??
    I loves it. and I loved the movie. hmmm I need a Katherine icon..I do not have I will use a Cary Grant one.

  3. *claps* i loves it
    thank you

  4. I’m hoping there’s an opening for Alyson Hannigan’s pillow fluffer… Jennifer Love Hewitt… Evangeline Lily?

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