A to Z of me

Behind the cut

A – Available or taken? Available, but not looking.
B – Best Friend? Anyone who buys me a beer.
C – Cake or pie? I can’t generalize that choice. I would take some cakes over some pies and some pies over some cakes.
D – Drink of choice? Green tea, these days. I splurge on iced peppermint mochas. Or in the winter when EVERYONE is ordering peppermint mochas, I switch to raspberry mochas.
E – Essential item I use every day: This will come as a shock to everyone: a computer. It doesn’t have to be mine.
F – Favorite color? Blue.
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy worms? Bears. I like to bite off their heads, or limbs one at a time, like a little gummy version of Hostel.
H – Hometown? Whittier, CA
I – Indulgence? Chocolate. Dark.
J – January or February? What a question. I’ll go with January. Just because Valentine’s Day is in the other, and that’s never been all that great a day. And February is short. I like long months.
K – Kids and names: Alexander. If I ever have another, it’d be Abigail if it were a girl.
L – Life is incomplete without? Hot showers.
M – Marriage date: I try not to dwell on past mistakes.
N – Number of siblings: 1 brother.
O – Oranges or apples? A good orange is better than a good apple. An okay apple is better than an okay orange.
P – Phobias or fears? Fear itself.
Q – Favorite quote? “Love, whether newly born, or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create a sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, that it over flows upon th outward world.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne
R – Reasons to smile? Sunshine. Star.
S – Season? Warm one.
T – Tag: I bought Axe once. Never Tag.
U – Unknown fact about me: I just ate some lower sugar oatmeal.
V – Vegetable you don’t like: cauliflower
W – Worst habit: Rambling
Y – Your favorite food? Chocolate
Z – Zodiac? Libra


2 responses to “A to Z of me

  1. I’m a little worried about your answer gor G
    I’ll be keepin’ an eye on you!

  2. *buys you a beer* 😉

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