Lately, I’ve been thinking about career and life stuff, and thinking about passion. What I do, I’m not really passionate about. I want to find something that I feel so strongly for and would fight for and would be willing to suffer for. BUt I don’t have that. I don’t know that I’ve ever had that.

Really, Disney has been a small passion. But where I’m at within the company now, I’m not exposed to the things about Disney that I am passionate about.

So after some introspection, I think I’ve identified some things that will help me find a passion and start me on the path of goal-setting:

1. I want to do something that is personally edifying.
2. I want to do something that is edifying to others, and possibly that helps others who need help.
3. I want to create beauty.

I know it’s vague, and can lead in many directions, but it’s a start, right?

Disney is one of those companies that has many many opportunities, so part of this process will also be as I explore those things, how I may be able to fulfill it and still stay with Disney. But I’m also open to other opportunities.


6 responses to “Passion

  1. I hear ya! I feel the same way with my job. I lack passion, and I think that is why I have trouble staying focussed some days. I’m always trying to figure out what else I could do with my life, but I’m kinda trapped where I am. I don’t feel like starting over again.
    But Kudos to you for looking!

  2. I used to have huge ammounts of passion and loyalty for my work and career, and ultimately the only place it got me was unemployed, poor and grumpy. 😦
    I hope it works out better for you!

  3. just after I read your list I was going to post “may be vague, but it’s a start” but you already said that, so instead….

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